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Advanced Query Interface

Query your ID graph without moving data

Why an Advanced Query Interface?

Your requirements are unique, and no platform can realistically address all use cases. Instead of guessing what you need, Optable believes you should be able to query your data from your own BigQuery account, while also keeping your data secure.
The Advanced Query Interface enables you to have a view of your entire ID graph made accessible from Google BigQuery without having to move data.

Use Cases

Here are some examples of operations you can currently perform through the Advanced Query Interface:
  • Join your identity graph with non-Optable data
  • Run custom algorithms (e.g., a lookalike model)
  • Run aggregation functions to generate insights
  • Create new computed traits and reingest them into your DCN (for when you do not control the schema of your data source and need to improve it)

Using the Advanced Query Interface

Your Advanced Query Interface contains:
  • Your full identity_graph
  • Filtered views per audience and match
  • Routines, which are predicates you can use in a SQL WHERE clause, facilitating queries between views without joining them.
For instance, if you want the intersection between match 2 and audience 19, you can use the view audience_19 and filter it with the filter_match_2 predicate.
Another way to achieve the same result is to use two predicates.

Getting Access to Advanced Query Interface

To get access to the Advanced Query Interface, you will need to know the interface's View Link, and to be in the Allowlist. Both fields can be found/configured in the Settings > General section on the UI.

Data Schema

Your Optable ID graph has a predefined schema. You can optionally take advantage of Trait Typing to customize it to your need. Your schema will then look like this:
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