Automatically export audiences to Permutive on a daily basis.

What is Audience Sync

In addition to real-time targeting, you can also enable Permutive audience sync. This feature enables your DCN to automatically coalesce all activated audiences into daily exports to your Permutive account as segments, enabling you to build cohorts using audiences from your Optable DCN for additional activation reach directly from your Permutive account.

Configuring Audience Sync

To configure this feature, you will need to contact Permutive support and ask them for the following:

  1. To create a 2P data provider for your DCN.

  2. To grant your DCNs service account access to the 2P data provider GCS bucket.

  3. To provide you with an API key so your DCN can programmatically manage segments in the Optable 2P data provider.

Once Permutive support has has completed the above and provided you with your API key, you can navigate to your DCNs Settings -> Activation Channels -> Permutive setup page to continue configuring this activation channel.

Here you will enter the storage bucket URL provided by Permutive, your API key and the Permutive User ID you selected with your Permutive representative.

Activating Audience Sync

Once your DCN has access to your Google Ad Manager GCS bucket, you can then you can then go to the Audience -> Activation tab and enable Permutive Audience Sync.

By default, your DCN will create a new segment for each activated audience on a 1-1 bases so you can easily find them in your Permutive account. Optionally, you can manually select a previously created segment.

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