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Managing your Optable DCN users and service accounts

Getting Started

Accounts can be managed by:
  • Navigating to https://<your DCN>
  • Using the account command in the CLI
Managing your account via the UI.
Managing your account via the CLI.

Accounts Types

User Account

A user account is an identity created for a single person to whom you want to give access to your Optable DCN. While it is possible to give access to a group (e.g. by inviting [email protected]) it is not recommended for security reasons. If you need to give access to a non-human/group for automated tasks, you should instead create a service account.

Service Account

Service accounts are a special type of non-human account used to execute applications and run automated services, virtual machine instances, and other processes. An example of service account would be a script running in your cloud, automating a CLI export of an audience, or giving human-friendly name to audiences activated through GAM key-value pairs.
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