Deprecated uses in the CLI

Export Create


optable-cli export create

optable-cli export-configuration create

The set of arguments and flags to pass has changed too, be sure to check optable-cli export-configuration create --help (on v9.26.0 and higher) to know the list of possible options.

For backward compatibility, commands made with optable-cli export create will create an export configuration using the given audience and destination and automatically configure its schedule to run only once with a start time equal to "now".

Export retry

optable-cli export retry command is removed. A failed export should not be retried in-place, because it can obfuscate the initial error. Instead, a new export must be made, keeping track of all attempts (even those that failed) for audit reasons.

Migration of existing exports

All existing exports will be transitioned to the new data structure by being automatically associated to an export configuration with a schedule "run once" and a run date equal to the date the export happened. The state, error, and all other attributes of existing exports will be retained and visible in addition to the new export configuration features.

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