Overview of the Optable data collaboration platform.

Optable is a data collaboration platform designed to enable the secure exchange of information related to first-party data and audiences.

It also enables companies in the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem, such as brands and publishers, to securely match their first-party data with their partners using the clean room approach. Companies access private Optable data collaboration nodes (DCNs), which are SaaS systems running on Optable's cloud infrastructure.

End-to-end Solution

Everything needed to get precision, performance and scale from data collaborations is streamlined in an easy-to-use platform designed from the ground up for digital advertising. Data connectivity with popular data warehousing, cloud storage, e-commerce and marketing systems, is built-in. First-party identity graph management and resolution is directly integrated. Secure collaboration is enabled via simple to use clean room applications. Activation to publisher and advertiser ad systems including Google Ad Manager, Permutive, The Trade Desk, and others is seamless.

Integrated for Activation

From the ground up Optable’s platform has been built to support the real-time use-cases required by today’s e-commerce and programmatic advertising ecosystem. Publisher real-time ad activation can be enabled via Javascript, iOS, and Android SDKs, and automatically refreshing matched audience data can be pushed to major ad platforms and ad systems with the click of a button.

Frictionless Collaboration

An Optable customer's invited partners are offered multiple options to enable frictionless and secure matching while minimizing data movement and enabling trust. Optable supports activation matching between customers, as well as with external partners, using AWS and/or Snowflake data clean room infrastructure and secure private set intersection technology. Refer to our documentation on Flash Partners to learn more about these unique capabilities.

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