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Enterprise Partners

An enterprise partner is an existing Optable customer which already operates an enterprise DCN. This tier of node has access to all available features, including the ability to invite Flash Partners to collaborate using an Optable Flash Node, AWS Connector, Snowflake Connector or the Match CLI.

Connecting With an Enterprise Partner

Connecting with another Enterprise partner's node is done via the Partnerships section of the node's UI. You click the Invite Partner button and select Enterprise Partner, then you input the Unique Node ID of the Enterprise Partner's node and click on the Invite Partner button. A request partnership request will be sent to the partner's node.
Select "Enterprise Partner" and enter their name & email
Conversely, to accept a connection request from another partner's node, refer to the Received Requests tab under Partnerships and click on the Accept button.
Once a partner connection is established, you can perform clean room operations with them.
Last modified 2mo ago