Snowflake Connector

The Snowflake Connector option allows you to invite partners that have an existing Snowflake account to perform activation clean room operations directly from Snowflake, without requiring them to move their data out of their Snowflake account. Partners can match with multiple ID types, while Optable automates the Snowflake data clean room configuration and streamlines matched audience activation for media owners.


In order to enable the Snowflake Connector option, you are required to already own at least one existing Snowflake account so that it can be configured and linked to your Enterprise DCN. Connecting your Snowflake account can be done in the Admin > Settings > Flash Partner Settings section.

Additionally, for an invited Flash Partner to be able to configure and use this option, it is required that they also have an existing Snowflake account, running within the same cloud provider and region as the Snowflake instance that the inviting Enterprise Partner previously configured.


Connecting via Snowflake requires your partners to run an installation script which will be automatically sent to them via email. This script will enable them to initiate secure matches with your DCN data, leveraging Snowflake's data clean room mechanisms.

Partners access a simple Snowflake-native procedural API, enabling double-blind matching with your data, while hiding the complexity associated with setting up and orchestrating SF data clean rooms:

Visit the Snowflake Connector guide to learn more about this installation script

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