Google Ad Manager

Connecting your account & configuring Audience Sync.

Audience Sync

In addition to real-time targeting, you can also enable Google Ad Manager audience sync. This feature enables your DCN to automatically coalesce all activated audiences into daily exports to your Google Ad Manager account as segments, enabling you view segment size and reach on each active network, and add segments to ad groups or campaigns for targeting.

Connecting to Google Ad Manager 360

To integrate your DCN and Google Ad Manager 360 for Audience Sync and Key-Value Syncing, follow these steps:

  1. Locate & Copy Your DCNs Service Account

    • Navigate to Settings -> Google Ad Manager in your DCN.

    • Here, find and copy your DCN's Service Account details.

  2. Enter Your Network Code:

    • In the same section, enter your Google Ad Manager Network Code.

When adding your service account to Google Ad Manager 360, ensure you add the details as a service account, not as a user. Incorrect entry could lead to authorization failure.

  1. Authorize Service Account in Google Ad Manager:

    • Now switch to the Google Ad Manager interface.

    • Go to Admin -> Global Settings -> Add Service Account.

    • Paste your DCN's Service Account details to complete the authorization

Audience Sync requires Google Ad Manager 360.

Configuring Audience Sync

To configure this feature, you will need to work with your Google account manager to enable "Batch Upload of Identifiers" for your Google Ad Manager account. You can find Google's prerequisites here.

When contacting your Google account manager, you must ask them to grant your DCNs service account, which can be found in Google Ad Manager setup page access to the GCS bucket associated with your Google Ad Manager account. (see image below)

Once your Google account manager has added your DCNs service account to the GCS bucket, you can then configure which PPIDs and IDs you want to sync with you Google Ad Manager account.

Activating Audience Sync

Once your DCN has access to your Google Ad Manager GCS bucket, you can then you can then go to the Audience -> Activation tab and enable Google Ad Manager Audience Sync.

By default, your DCN will create a new segment for each activated audience on a 1-1 basis so you can easily find them in your Google Ad Manager account. Optionally, you can manually select a previously created segment.

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