Yahoo! Japan Ads

How to link your account and export audiences to Yahoo! Japan Ads

Yahoo! Japan Ads allows marketers to manage campaigns across display, video, TV, audio, and more from a single platform. Linking your Yahoo! Japan Ads account to your DCN lets you export first-party audiences for use in your display advertising campaigns.

Adding Yahoo! Japan Ads as a Destination

You can create a new Yahoo! Japan Ads destination from your DCN by going to the Integrations -> Destinations section in your navigation menu.

To link your Yahoo! Japan Ads account, give your export destination a name and click "Create." You'll be redirected to Yahoo! Japan Ads, where you must authenticate and allow your DCN to access your advertiser account by signing in with the Yahoo Japan Business account linked to your Yahoo! Japan Ads account.

Once confirmed, you will be redirected to your DCN and will see an Advertiser ID field which will have a list of all available partners and advertisers associated with your Yahoo! Japan Ads account. You will be able to select from this list or manually enter the Advertiser ID of the advertiser you wish to export to.

Note: Each destination can only support one advertiser account, if you would like to link your other advertiser accounts, you will have to create a new destination in your DCN.

Finally, if you created the destination using your DCN UI you will be redirected to the destinations listing. If you used the CLI, you will be able to export directly from the command line.

Exporting Audiences to Yahoo! Japan Ads

To export an audience to your Yahoo! Japan Ads account, locate the desired audience and click the 'Export' button in the top-right corner. You will then be prompted to choose your preferred export destination from a list of available options.

When exporting to Yahoo! Japan Ads, an audience will be created within your chosen advertiser and its unique audience ID will be shown within the export summary page in your DCN.

What Can I Export to Yahoo! Japan Ads?

You can transfer emails and IDFAs and GAIDs Yahoo! Japan Ads account. Keep in mind that Yahoo! Japan Ads does not accept empty audience exports; ensure that the audience you've selected includes the desired ID(s) for a successful export.

How Will My Export Appear in Yahoo! Japan Ads?

Your export will appear under the selected advertiser by going to Tools -> Library -> Audience Lists. The audience name will be based upon the name of the audience you exported from your DCN.

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