Stream or load raw user event data to build behavioral audiences.

Note that this feature is currently in private preview and subject to changes.

Events capture user behavior characteristics, allowing for granular audience segmentation based on specific actions or interactions. By loading event-level data into your DCN, you can build detailed behavioral audiences, such as users who frequently visit certain sections of your website or make purchases of specific amounts within a defined time frame.

Building Event Audiences

Once events are loaded into your DCN, and you've configured an event schema, you can then use those events & their properties to build audiences.

For example, to create an audience of website visitors who visited a recipe article at least 2 times in the past 30 days:

  1. Select the Event Type , which in this example would be page_view

  2. Then, enter the recency & frequency filters, which in this example would be visitors with at least 2 events over 30 days

  3. Then, to ensure you only have visitors who visited a recipe, you would select the Event Property ,article_content with the value recipe.

Loading Events

Any type of source in your Optable DCN supports event data. Please refer to our SDK's Witness API documentation or event schema to get started.

Just like user data, event data supports both JSON and tabular schemas, linked to an identifier. The differences being:

  • You cannot load more than one identifier per event

  • While you can use both event and trait data in the audience builder, you cannot mix traits with event data in the data source

  • You must pass an event_type (e.g. pageview, click, transaction, etc.)

  • You must pass an event_timestamp

  • You optionally can specify and event_id, else we will generate one for you

  • You optionally can load as many event_property as required

Below is an example of a supported JSON format event.

  "id": "c:some_id",
  "event_type": "ad_impression",
  "event_timestamp": 1704828445,
  "event_id": "xy12-1234-jklm88005gqa-1144",
  "properties": [
        "name": "utm_source",
        "value": "google"
        "name": "format",
        "value": "display"
        "name": "advertiser",
        "value": "AcmeCo"
        "name": "CPM",
        "value": 1.34

And here is an example of tabular format.


Configuring Event Schemas

In order to use event data to build audiences, you will first need to configure your event schema. Please reach out to your Optable Customer Success representative to help you through this process. Once configured, your schema will be available in the Data Configuration -> Events in the UI.

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