How to link your account and export audiences to TikTok Ad Manager

TikTok Ads Manager is an advertising platform to which you can export your audiences for real time ad targeting based on your own first party data.

Adding TikTok as a Destination

You can create a new TikTok destination from your DCN by going to the Integrations -> Destinations section in your navigation menu or by using the CLI. (see above tab).

To link your TikTok account, simply provide a name for your export destination (which will be displayed in the listing) and click "Connect." You will be redirected to TikTok Ads Manager, where you'll need to authenticate and grant your DCN access to your advertiser account by logging in with a TikTok Ads Manager account associated with your advertiser account, or granting approval if you are already logged in.

Once confirmed, you will be redirected to your DCN and will see that the advertiser ID field is automatically populated if you have access to one account. You will be able to select from a list of advertiser accounts if you have access to many. Note: One destination can only support one advertiser account, if you would like to link your other advertiser accounts, you will have to create a new destination in your DCN.

Finally, if you created the destination using your DCN UI you will be redirected to the destinations listing. If you used the CLI, you will be able to export directly from the command line.

Exporting Audiences to TikTok

To export to your TikTok account, navigate to the audience you want to export and click export in the top right. From there you will be asked to select your preferred TikTok export destination from a list of all available destinations.

When exporting to TikTok, an audience will be created with the name of the audience and a unique audience ID will be populated in your DCN. For updates to an audience, you can append or replace to an audience, so when re-exporting an audience, all new IDs will be can either be appended or replaced in your advertiser account.

What Can I Export to TikTok?

You can export emails, phone numbers, IDFAs and GAIDs to your TikTok destination. TikTok does not allow pushing empty audiences, please ensure that the audience you selected contains the ID(s) you wish to export.

TikTok only supports one type of ID per export with the exception of IDFAs and GAIDs which be combined together.

For example, if you have an audience that contains emails, phones and GAIDs. TikTok will require you to create three separate exports for it. You can use the duplicate action in your exports to facilitate creation of exports.

How Will My Export Appear in TikTok?

Your export will appear under Assets > Audiences, in your advertiser account typed as Customer File. The audience name will follow the following pattern when created in your advertiser account: Optable Audience ID - Optable Audience Name - Encryption Type.

Encryption type is based off TikTok's definitions, which can be found here under Encryption Type.

The audience size is not deterministic on TikTok's side, meaning that the audience size will fluctuate for the same audience if a re-export is triggered.

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