Managing how labels are organized, configured and displayed across your DCN.

What Are Labels?

Located in the Data Configuration > Labels section of your DCN, labels are a simple way to organize your audiences, traits and insights.

Configuring Labels

When configuring labels, you can set the label name, description and color. These attributes are how your label will appear across the platform.


Label name

1-20 characters, including special characters.


An optional field helping your users understand the purpose of each of your labels. 50 characters maximum.


An additional way of categorizing your audiences and understanding them at a glance. (e.g. by using the same color for all labels for audiences using connected tv data).

Assigning Labels to Audiences and Traits

Labels can be associated to as many audiences and/or traits as you want directly from the label configuration page. Doing so enables you to filter audiences & insights based on the selected label (For example if you want to filter insights based on a campaign).

Alternatively, you can assign labels when creating or updating an audience or a trait.

Using Labels

Labels make it easy to locate the audiences and traits you are looking for when browsing through the list. You can also filter listings on labels.

Default label

The Default label is generated automatically and always shows at the top of the labels listing. All traits associated to the Default label will show in various insights sections by default.

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