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The Settings > General tab encompasses all DCN settings that are not specific to a resource such as a match or an audience. This is where you will set your organization's name & logo, configure your GAM activation, and your Advanced Query Interface allowlist.
While your Unique Node ID is immutable, you can customize your Organization name, and upload a Logo. These are what your partners will see when connecting with you and performing clean room operations.
An example of the general settings page for AcmeCo
An example of your partner seeing your organization name and logo

Activation Channels

In this section you can configure your DCN targeting key, which is used when activating audiences, as well as your Google Ad Manager & Permutive activation channels.
Once configured, you can access your activation channels in the "Activation" tab of an audience.


The Advanced Query Interface is only available to select users.
Because Advanced Query Interface leverages Google BigQuery, user emails must be linked to a Google account, and groups must be Google Groups.
A User Type must be specified for each user:
If you gave access to a group such as [email protected], but users within that group, such as [email protected] cannot access the Advanced Query Interface, check that the User Type is set to Group and not User.
The Advanced Query Interface is not "discoverable". Not only do you need to be included in the Allowlist, but you also must know your unique DCN's project_name.dataset_name.view_name (View Link) in order to access it from your Google BigQuery account.
There are two ways to access your data.
  1. 1.
    You can copy the link from the UI or CLI and use it in your BigQuery query.
2. You can add the project to your BigQuery pinned projects. The project name is the first part of the View Link, before the dot. E.g., optable-platform.
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