Android SDK

A lightweight Kotlin library to integrate your Android application with your DCN

The Android SDK is a Kotlin library that makes it easy to integrate your Android applications with your DCN. You can use the library from both Kotlin and Java codebases. It is published using JitPack, so installation is straightforward.

Details on installing and using the Android SDK can be found in the GitHub README. A demo application is included with the implementation.

Creating an Android SDK Source

You can create a new Android application source from your DCN UI or using the CLI by running the optable-cli source create android command.

During source creation, you will need to specify a unique name for the application. For example, using the CLI:

$ optable-cli source create android "my-example-app"

On success, the command will return a JSON encoded description of the newly created application source. Take note of the slug attribute as you will need it along with the hostname of your DCN when initializing the Android SDK in your application.

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