Real-Time Targeting

Resolving audiences to site and application visitors in real-time

Your DCN can resolve audience memberships to visitors of your sites and applications in real-time. This is particularly useful if you're a publisher and are looking to target ads to the audiences configured or matched in your DCN.

You can activate an audience from the DCN UI by navigating to the audience's Activation tab and turning the activation switch to the on position.

SDK Targeting API

Integrating the Optable SDKs on your sites and applications enables you to call the SDK targeting API which triggers real-time calls to your DCN requesting matching of activated audiences. If the site visitor or application user triggering the SDK targeting call is a member of an activated audience, that audience's activation keyword is returned and can be subsequently relayed to your ad server or exchange for ad targeting.

To learn about the web SDK targeting API refer to this section in the GitHub README. Details on integrating with Google Ad Manager specifically can be found further below as well as in this section of the GitHub README.

You can see an example of the web SDK integrated with a GAM account for targeting on

Google Ad Manager Integration

You can optionally link your DCN to your Google Ad Manager (GAM) account. Simply navigate to the Settings > General tab in your DCN UI, click on "Setup" next to Google Ad Manager in the Activations settings section and follow the instructions.

Once successfully linked, your DCN will automatically create a key in GAM, with the name specified in your Activations Key Name setting (the default is optable). Once you've linked your GAM account, then you will be able to select Google Ad Manager from the Synchronization section in your audience's Activation tab. When you save the audience, your DCN will create a value associated with the activation key name in your GAM account corresponding to the audience. The created value will be equal to the Keyword displayed in the Activation tab of the audience in your DCN UI, and the description associated with the created value in GAM will be equal to the name of your audience as configured in your DCN.

You can then target line items in your GAM account to the keywords associated with audiences that you've activated and synchronized.

Note that your DCN will not delete key values it has created for activated audiences, even when you archive them. This is because GAM defaults to ignoring deleted key values when evaluating targeting, which means that if you have running line items targeting deleted key values they may end up inadvertently targeting everyone.

As a result, any line items that you have configured to target archived audiences should stop matching users and delivering.

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