ID Frameworks

Transmit secure, encrypted IDs to targeted DSPs and advertisers within the bidstream.

What are ID frameworks

As a publisher, it's important to be selective about the information you share in the bid stream. Pushing hashed emails into the stream can compromise your valuable data, as well as raise privacy concerns for your users.

Leveraging ID frameworks empowers your DCN to encrypt identifiers that can be seamlessly integrated into the bid stream via the Optable SDK. Only authorized DSPs and advertisers with access to the secret keys can decrypt them, ensuring data security and enabling informed bidding decisions.

Enabling and leveraging ID frameworks

Head to Settings > ID Frameworks to view available IDs and submit requests for the ones you wish to use. Our Customer Success team will contact you to finalize agreements for each ID type and provide setup assistance.

Once an ID framework is enabled, your Optable SDK will be able to automatically push the IDs into the bidstream, as per the set business rules of that specific ID.

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