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Generate UID 2.0 advertising tokens for activated audiences.

What is UID 2.0?

UID 2.0 (Unified ID 2.0) is a secure, open source identity framework developed by The Trade Desk (TTD) that enables publishers and advertisers with authenticated traffic to establish secure, private user identities for use in real time, programmatic ad campaigns without sharing PII or using third party cookies.

Requesting UID 2.0 support.

UID 2.0 requires an agreement between you and The Trade Desk allowing Optable, as a closed operator of UID 2.0, to programmatically generate advertising tokens on your behalf. To start the enablement process, head to Settings -> ID Frameworks and click "Request".

Once requested, a member of the Optable support team will contact you within 5 business days to assist you in enabling this feature.

How UID 2.0 works.

Once agreements are in place, you can complete setup in Settings -> ID Frameworks by clicking on "Setup" and entering the publisher credentials provided by The Trade Desk.

UID 2.0 Setup

You will then be able to leverage your DCN to programmatically generate UID 2.0 tokens whenever a consenting, authenticated user lands on your website, these tokens will be made available on the bidstream for bid requests via the Optable Javascript SDK, which works natively with Prebid and the UID 2.0 SDKs.

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