The Trade Desk

How to link your account and export audiences to The Trade Desk DSP

The Trade Desk (TTD) is a demand-side platform (DSP) to which you can export your audiences for real time ad targeting based on your own first party data.

Adding The Trade Desk as a Destination

You can create a new TTD destination from your DCN by going to the Integrations -> Destinations section in your navigation menu or by using the CLI. (see above tab).

To add your TTD account, you will need to enter the name of this destination (this is how your destination will appear in the listing), your Advertiser ID and your Advertiser Secret Key.

To find your Advertiser ID and Secret Key you will have to:

  1. Login to your TTD account.

  2. Choose which advertiser you wish to export to.

  3. Go to Preferences

  4. Search for "First Party Data Credentials" this is where you will see your Advertiser ID and Advertiser Secret Key.

Finally, if you created the destination using your DCN UI you will be redirected to the destinations listing. If you used the CLI, you will be able to export directly from the command line.

Exporting Audiences to The Trade Desk

To export to your TTD account, navigate to the audience you want to export and click export in the top right. From there you will be asked to select your preferred TTD export destination from a list of all available destinations.

When exporting to The Trade Desk, a segment will be created with the name of the audience you selected. You can only append to a segment, so when re-exporting an audience, all new IDs will be appended to the original segment. You can also set Expiry/TTL at export time. Each time you export an audience to a destination supporting Expiry/TTL you will reset the timer. This will ensure that stale segments don't remain in your export destinations for longer than necessary.

What Can I Export to The Trade Desk?

You can export emails and phone numbers as UID 2.0 as well as GAIDs, IDFAs. Optable is a closed operator with The Trade Desk meaning that your DCN has the capability to transform emails and phone numbers into UID2.0, allowing you to tap into The Trade Desk's inventory.

The Trade Desk only supports emails and phone numbers as UID 2.0

If you select emails and/or phone numbers, your DCN will automatically generate UID 2.0s for you on each export attempt.

How Will My Export Appear in The Trade Desk?

Your export will appear under the Optable 1PD data provider as a segment within the advertiser you chose to export to. The name of the export will be the name of the audience you chose to export.

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