Resolving audiences to site and application visitors in real-time

Once you've built or received an audience from an incoming match request. You can then activate your audience via multiple activation channels simultaneously, enabling you to target your users in real-time via the Optable SDK, help extend reach on external platforms, improve reporting or further narrow your segments in your preferred DMP.

There are currently two paths to activating your first party data and both can be found in the "Activation" tab of an audience.

Google Ad Manager Audience Sync

Audience Sync

Audience Sync is a featureset that empower your organization to automatically map your activated audiences to segments in Google Ad Manager and Permutive on a daily basis. When enabled, your DCN will begin to automatically sync data on a daily basis to ensure you have the latest data available for targeting, reporting and cohort building.

This feature maps your activated audiences to segments or audiences in each platform on a 1 to 1 basis. Making it easy to find and use your audiences as soon as they are available.

Real-Time Targeting via the Optable SDKs.

Once your organization has integrated the Optable SDK on your website, iOS or Android app. You can then call the targeting API to match visitors to activated audiences in real-time.

Audience sync and real-time targeting can be used in parallel allowing you to get up and running quickly and then further your targeting capabilities with the Optable SDK and available ID frameworks.

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