Private IDs

Send hashed and encrypted IDs in the bidstream for specific partners to act upon

What are Private IDs?

Private IDs are specially encrypted hashed email addresses, sent into the bidstream by publishers through the Google Ad Manager's Secure Signal or through prebid.js, that only specific partners can decrypt.

Who should use Private IDs?

By enabling Private IDs, publishers can increase their yield by allowing their partners to precisely target their own customers.

How Private IDs work

When a recognized user visits the publisher's website, Optable encrypts its email address and sends it through Secure Signal and/or prebid.js. While any bidder can see that an ID is passed, only the desired partner can decrypt it. Optable provides the script and decryption keys to the partner.

Requesting Private IDs support

To start the enablement process, head to Admin -> ID Frameworks. Locate the participating partner you want to send Private IDs to, and click "Request" .

Once requested, a member of the Optable support team will contact you within 5 business days and will assist you in enabling this feature.

To protect unintentional leakage of PII, only hashed encrypted emails from previous matches from the partner to you will be sent into the bidstream.

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