Knowing the status of partner requests, matches and audiences

What is a notification?

The Optable DCP enables publishers and advertisers to collaborate using their data. These collaborations may require multiple steps for each party, meaning that there may be wait times for the participating parties. Notifications help you know when an action is ready to be taken or when a task has been completed.
A notification can be triggered by the system, or by the action of a user of the DCN in order to inform you of an event or prompt you to take action.
Notifications are located in the side navigation bar as shown below. A red dot is displayed when there is a new notification:
Clicking on the bell will open the notifications list

Types of notifications

Appears when a match is received, completed, or if it has failed.
Your match for [Audience Name] has been completed
Appears when a partner accepts or rejects a connection request, or disconnects a connection.
[Advertiser WidgetCo] has accepted your partner request
Appears when an audience is created or updated and recent insights are available.
Audience identity resolution is complete for [Audience Name]
File Upload
Appears when a dataset file upload fails.
Dataset file [File Name] has failed to upload
The notifications appear in a list and unread ones will have a red dot which will disappear when clicked.
Clicking on a notification will lead you to the related page