Flash Partners

External partners who are not existing Optable enterprise customers
A flash partner is an external partner that is not an existing Optable enterprise customer, with whom you wish to collaborate with. Currently, there are 3 possible flash partner options: Flash Node, Snowflake Partner and Match CLI.
They are a new approach to the data clean room ecosystem which enables existing Optable customers to offer a solution to their own customers without the barriers of requiring contracts or an integration with Optable. The use of data clean rooms is often associated with the fact that the level of friction is very high but this new feature is directly aimed at drastically reducing that friction in order to increase collaboration.
Snowflake Partner and Match CLI only support match clean room operations, while Flash Node supports all clean room operations (insight, match and prospecting).
Flash Partner Invitation Landing Page

Flash Node

Flash nodes are a lightweight version of our Enterprise DCNs which will have certain limitations such as only being able to collaborate with the invited enterprise partner. They are also a simple, quick, and self-serve option for existing Optable customers to invite non-Optable customers to collaborate securely and privately over data for a campaign or proof-of-concept, and this will be at no cost for the invited partner.


Snowflake Partner

This feature is currently in closed beta. Please contact your CSM to request access.
The Snowflake partner option allows you to invite partners that have an existing Snowflake account to perform match clean room operations directly from Snowflake, without requiring them to move their data out of their Snowflake account. Partners can match with multiple ID types, while Optable automates the Snowflake data clean room configuration and streamlines matched audience activation for media owners.


In order to enable the Snowflake Flash Partner option, you are required to already own one or more existing Snowflake account so that it can be configured and linked to your Enterprise DCN. Connecting your Snowflake account(s) can be done in the Settings > Flash Partner Settings section.
Additionally, for an invited Flash Partner to be able to configure and use this option, it is required that they also have an existing Snowflake account, running within the same cloud provider and region as the Snowflake instance(s) that you configured.


Connecting via Snowflake requires your partners to run an installation script which will be automatically sent to them via email. This script will enable them to initiate secure matches with your DCN data, leveraging Snowflake's data clean room mechanisms.
Partners access a simple Snowflake-native procedural API, enabling double-blind matching with your data, while hiding the complexity associated with setting up and orchestrating SF data clean rooms:
partner_connect(org VARCHAR, partnership_slug VARCHAR, dcn_account_locator_id VARCHAR)
partner_disconnect(partnership_slug VARCHAR)
match_create(partnership_slug VARCHAR, match_name VARCHAR)
match_run(partnership_slug VARCHAR, match_id VARCHAR, table_or_view_name VARCHAR)
match_get_results(partnership_slug VARCHAR, match_id VARCHAR)
match_list(partnership_slug VARCHAR)
grant_permission(partnership_slug VARCHAR, database_name VARCHAR, schema_name VARCHAR)
Visit the Snowflake Partner Utility guide to learn more about this installation script.

Inviting a Flash Partner to Collaborate With Your DCN

If you would like to perform an analysis, a match or a prospecting model with partners that are not Optable Enterprise customers, you will first need to invite them to connect to your node using the flash partner option.
Step 1: Go to Partnerships -> Invite Partner
Step 2: Select "Flash Partner" and enter their name & email

Accepting the Invitation and Joining the DCN

When your partner receives the invitation, they will have to click Connect with partner button in the email and then they will be presented with up to three options to connect with your DCN.
Step 1: The invitation email
Step 2: Choosing how to connect
  1. 1.
    The first option is to connect directly via flash node. To do so, they will need to click Getting Started button and they will be redirected to create an account which will be associated to your DCN. Once their account is created and linked to your DCN, they can then upload data, create audiences and initiate match requests with you.
  2. 2.
    The second option is to connect to your Snowflake account which was previously linked to your DCN via Snowflake. By clicking the Getting Started button, they will be redirected to provide their Snowflake Locator ID which has to be located in the same Snowflake region as the inviting partner. Finally, they will receive an email with a list of steps to run an installation script within their Snowflake account.
  3. 3.
    The third option is to connect to your DCN via the Optable Match CLI, a command line interface utility designed to enable a partner to execute a directional secure ID match with your company's DCN. Once the partner successfully runs the partner connect handshake command with your provided invite code, you will see the partner name listed under Connected Partners in your DCN UI, and you will be able to start receiving matches.