Configure how you receive notifications from your DCN.

What Is a Notification?

Notifications help you know when an action is ready to be taken or when a task has been completed.
A notification can be triggered by the system, or by the action of a DCN user in order to inform you of an event or required action. You can receive notifications in-app or via email, and you can customize which notifications you would like to receive in notification settings.

Types of Notifications

Appears when an audience is created or updated and insights are available.
Audience identity resolution is complete for [Audience Name]
Appears when a clean room invite is received, rejected or revoked. Appears when a clean room report is ready
You have been invited to participate in clean room [Clean room] by [Partner]
Appears when a match is received, completed, or if it has failed.
Your match for [Audience Name] has been completed
Appears when a partner accepts or rejects a connection request, or disconnects a connection.
[Advertiser WidgetCo] has accepted your partner request
Notifications are located in the top navigation bar. A red dot is displayed when there are new or unread notifications. You can mark all notifications as read by clicking on the icon below.
Mark all as read

Notification Settings

You can customize which notifications you would like to receive in-app and/or via email in your notification settings, which can be accessed by clicking "settings" the notifications panel or through your profile on the top right.
Notification settings.
By default, all users are opted-in to all notifications types. And will be automatically opted in to receiving new notification types as they become available.