Groupings of identity clusters

What are audiences?

Audiences are the building blocks of data collaboration with partners. At a high level, an audience represents a set of people or households. In practice, an audience is a set of identity clusters computed by the DCN and selected via a query or uploaded dataset.
Audiences can be matched between DCNs, exported, and activated for ad targeting.
There are a couple of ways to define audiences in a DCN. You can define query audiences based on previously loaded data from sources and audiences are created automatically as a result of receiving matches from partners.
Creating a query audience using the CLI & UI.
How to export your audiences.
How to activate your audiences.

Listing Audiences in the CLI

You can list all audiences using the CLI with the optable-cli audience list command. To learn more check out the Optable CLI documentation.

Archiving an Audience

Audiences can be archived from the DCN UI. Archived audiences cannot be edited.
Warning: Archiving an audience is not reversible using standard DCN commands. If you have archived an audience by mistake, please reach out to your Optable support contact as soon as possible.