Flash Partners
External partners who are not existing Optable Enterprise customers.
A flash partner is an external partner that is not an existing Optable enterprise customer, with whom you wish to collaborate and execute secure matching.

What is a Flash Node?

Flash nodes are a lightweight version of our Enterprise Nodes, they will have certain limitations such as only being able to collaborate with the invited partner. They are also a simple, quick, and self-serve option for existing Optable customers to invite non-Optable customers to collaborate securely and privately over data for a campaign or proof-of-concept, and this will be at no cost for the invited partner.
They are a new approach to the data clean room ecosystem which enables existing Optable customers to offer a solution to their own customers without the barriers of requiring contracts or an integration with Optable. The use of data clean rooms is often associated with the fact that the level of friction is very high but this new feature is directly aimed at drastically reducing that friction in order to increase collaboration.


  • Can only perform analyses and matches with the Optable enterprise customer that invited them as a flash partner initially.
  • Cannot partner with with any other DCNs than the enterprise partner who initially invited to collaborate.
  • Cannot add SDK sources such as Javascript SDK, iOS SDK and Android SDK.
  • Cannot activate an audience using our built-in activation channels.
  • Can be disconnected from their Enterprise node partner.

Inviting a flash partner to collaborate with your DCN

If you would like perform analysis or match with partners that are not Optable Enterprise customers, you will first need to invite them to connect to your node using the flash partner option.
Step 1: Go to Partnerships -> Invite Partner
Step 2: Select "Flash Partner" and enter their name & email

Accepting the invitation and joining the DCN

When your partner receives the invitation, they will have to click Connect with partner button in the email and then they will be presented with two options to connect with your DCN.
Step 1: The invitation email
Step 2: Choosing how to connect
  • The first option is to connect directly via flash node. To do so they will need to click "Getting Started" and they will be redirected to create an account which will be associated to your DCN. Once their account is created and linked to your DCN, they can then upload data, create audiences and initiate match requests with you.
  • The second option is to connect to your DCN via the Optable Match CLI, a command line interface utility designed to enable a partner to execute a directional secure ID match with your company's DCN. Once the partner successfully runs the partner connect handshake command with your provided invite code, you will see the partner name listed under Connected Partners in your DCN UI, and you will be able to start receiving matches.
Secure matches between an Optable DCN and a flash partner running the Match CLI utility are performed using a multi-party computation (cryptographic) protocol called a private set intersection (PSI). In academic literature there are several implementations of PSI. You can find a simplified explainer of Diffie-Hellman secure matching over at
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