Managing trait data
The Traits page is used to configure which traits are used in the calculation of your insights, how they are organized, and how they are displayed. Any traits that you explicitly configure for tracking in this page, as well as the top 256 most frequently loaded traits, are used to calculate insights.

Schema Tab

The Schema tab lists all explicitly configured traits. The coverage percentage and number of distinct trait values are displayed for each configured trait. The trait coverage is the percentage of all ID clusters that specify a value for the displayed trait. Trait data is managed separately per scope, allowing to have a separate configuration for person or household level data, if needed.

Explorer Tab

In the Explorer tab, the top 256 most frequently loaded traits are displayed. You can select a trait to configure and include it explicitly, or to indicate that it should be ignored when computing insights.

Trait Configuration

The following options are available when configuring a trait :
  • Name
  • Description
  • Scope
  • Track for Insights
The Track for Insights toggle controls if the selected trait is included in the computation of insights for your DCN. If the setting is set to On, the trait is included in calculated insights. If the setting is Off, the trait is ignored.
The Name is used (instead of the trait key) for display purposes. The Description is displayed in a tooltip visible when mousing over the trait's key or name in the Insights page.
Below the configured values, insights related to the selected trait are displayed. Like on the traits listing page, you can find the coverage and distinct number of associated clusters. Also available is the breakdown of coverage and number of clusters per trait value.
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